• Transglutaminase Enzyme

Transglutaminase Enzyme


Transglutaminase (TG) is an enzyme which can catalyze the reaction of transamination. It catalyzes the L-Lysine’s r-aroylamino-hydroxybutyrate binding to the glutamic acid’s. So the covalent crosslinking among the proteins or peptides is happened and the polymer of covalent compounds is formed. In the food industry, TG is applied to improve several functional characteristics of meat and protein products, such as improving the meat’s structure, gel characteristic, elasticity, keeping the water and grease and so on. At the same time, the lysine is protected which preventing the maillard reaction. 

Test Items Quality Specifications Test Results Conclusions
Appearance  White to light yellow powder  White powder Conforms
Activity(U/g)  102-138 132 Conforms
Loss on drying (%) 10.0 4.3 Conforms
Arsenic(mg/kg)  3.0 <0.040 Conforms
Lead (mg/kg)  5.0 0.103 Conforms
Total counts (CFU/g) 50,000 120 Conforms
Escherichia coli (MPN/g) 3.0 <3.0 Conforms
Coli group (CFU/g) 30.0 <10.0 Conforms
Salmonella Not detectable in 25g  Not detectable Conforms