• Sodium Butyrate

Sodium Butyrate


1. Maintain the beneficial microbial flora in the gastrointestinal tract. Butyric acid inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria through cell membrane, promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in gastrointestinal tract, and makes the gastrointestinal tract microecology in a positive balance.

2. Provide a quick energy source for intestinal cells. Butyric acid is the preferred energy of intestinal cells. Sodium butyrate is absorbed in the intestinal lumen and can rapidly provide energy for intestinal epithelial cells through oxidation.

3. Promote the proliferation and maturation of gastrointestinal cells. The digestive tract of young animals is not perfect, the villi and crypt of small intestine are not mature, and the digestive enzyme secretion is not enough, resulting in poor nutrient absorption ability of young animals. The results showed that sodium butyrate was an activator to increase the proliferation and crypt depth of intestinal villi and to enlarge the absorption area of intestinal villi.

4. the impact on animal production performance. Sodium butyrate can increase feed intake, feed return and daily gain. Improve animal health. Reducing diarrhoea and mortality;

5. Promote non-specific immune system and specific immune system function; 6. the special smell has a strong lure to young pigs, can be used as a food attractant; Can be added to all kinds of feed to improve daily gain, feed intake, feed conversion rate, improve economic benefits.

7.  reduce the release of intracellular Ca2+. Inhibit histone deacetylase (HDAC) and induce apoptosis.

8. Promote the development of intestinal mucosa, repair mucosal epithelial cells and activate lymphocytes;

9. reduce piglets after weaning diarrhea, overcome weaning stress, improve the survival rate of piglets.