• Rosehip Extract

Rosehip Extract


Rosehip is the fruit of Rosa L. species of Rosaceae, has a high vitamin C content and is known as the "King of VC". According to its content, the rosehips VC content is 220 times that of citrus, 1360 times that of apples, 26 times that of gallons, 190 times that of strawberry, 210 times that of red beans, and 130 times that of kiwis, regarded as a "special medicine for treating scurvy" by European countries. In addition, rosehips also contain other vitamins, minerals, carotene, flavonoids, fruit acids, tannins, pectins, sugars, amino acids and essential fatty acids etc. These compounds are valuable raw materials for the development of new health-care medicines and nutritional beverages.

1. Rosehip extract has effect of anti-oxidation, preventing skin aging, promotes the activity of epidermal cells to improve skin regeneration and renewal ability, protects cells from UV damage and neutralizes free free radicals, promotes collagen fiber production, improves skin wrinkles and relaxation, and enhances skin elasticity;


2. Rosehip extract has effect of boosts metabolism, strengthening the spleen and helping digestion, ImprovIing blood circulation, protecting the brain and nerve tissue, enhancing the body's immunity.