• Rhizoma Galangae Extract

Rhizoma Galangae Extract


Rhizoma galangae Extract  is a rhizomatous herbaceous plant to the genusKaempferia belonging to family Zingiberaceae. Over 70 species of genus Kaempferia are known today. Improtant ones are Kaempferia Galanga and Kaempferia Rotunda.  In many Asian countries galanga is used interchangeably with galangal. Leaves are eaten raw or after steaming, or cooked with chili. Both rhizomes and leaves are used in Asian countries for perfuming oil, vinegar, hair
washes, powders, etc.

1. Inhibit the ileum contraction and anti-cancer.

2. Inhibit prostaglandins synthesis.

3. Increase energy metabolism.

4. Warming spleen and stopping diarrha.

5. Warming kidney to shrinkage urine.