• Phloretin powder

Phloretin Powder


Phloretin is a new type of natural skin whitening agent recently developed abroad, mainly distributed in the peel and root bark of juicy fruits such as apples and pears. Its moisturizing effect is very strong and can absorb 4 to 5 times its own weight of water. It can promote the absorption and utilization of other functional factors in the formula to make it play a better effect. It has strong anti-oxidation function, can remove free radicals in the skin, and the anti-oxidation concentration of oil is between (10-30)×10-6. It can prevent carbohydrates from entering the epidermal cells, thereby inhibiting the excessive secretion of the skin glands, treating exuberant acne; inhibiting the activity of melanocytes, and diminishing various skin spots. Phhroretin can be used in facial masks, skin creams, lotions and essences.

Pharmacological function

1. Anti-oxidation and anti-free radical effects

2. Anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive effects

3. Anti-tumor and anti-cancer effects

4. Phloretin also has anti-diabetic and anti-Parkinson effects