• Ophiopogon japonicus extract

Ophiopogon Japonicus Extract


ophiopogon japonicus extract is providing with nourishing the yin and moisten the lungs, strengthen the stomach and promote the production of body fluids, clearing heat in the heart and relieve irritability and sedative and boost sleeping,promotion island of langerhans cell function restores, increasing liver glycogen, reduces the function of blood sugar.

Because it has function the heart, also beneficial to diabetes merge heart disease.

Ophiopogon root Extract is made from the root of the perennial herbaceous plant Ophiopogon japonicus (Thunb.) Ker-Gawl, an evergreen perennial plant. By containing polysacharides, it helps the body to fight against asthma and allergies. It also boosts the immune system, it has anti-anxiety properties and controls hypertension and blood sugar level. In addition, it is good for constipation.

1. Relieving thirst, moistening lung and relieving cough effects.

2. Anti-fatigue, scavenging free radicals and improving cellular immune function.

3. hypnotic, anti - myocardial ischemia and anti - arrhythmia effects.

4. increase liver glycogen and help reduce blood sugar.