• Oat Grass Extract

Oat Grass Extract



Oat extract is the whole seed extract of oat, which mainly contains β - glucan and flavonoids. It has excellent anti-aging effect,can smooth fine wrinkles and improve skin texture.

Oat extract has the functions of invigorating the spleen, stomach, smoothing intestines, promoting labor, stopping sweating and hemostasis. Oats is also an ideal food to prevent atherosclerosis, hypertension and coronary heart disease. It is rich in linoleic acid, accounting for 35% - 52% of all unsaturated fatty acids. It has auxiliary effects on diabetes, fatty liver, constipation,edema, etc., and it is of great benefit to the middle-aged and old people in improving physical strength and prolonging life.

Appearance Brown Powder 
Odor  Characteristic 
Loss on Drying ≤5%
Assay TLC 4:1,10:1,20:1,etc.
Ash ≤5%
Sieve Analysis ≥100mesh
Extract Solvent Alcohol
Heavy Metal ≤10PPM
Total Plate Count ≤1000cfu/g
Yeast & Mold ≤100cfu/g
E.Coil Negative
Salmonella Negative
Storage Store in cool & dry place; Keep away from strong light and high heat.
Shelf life 36 months when properly stored