• Marigold Flower Extract

Marigold Flower Extract


[Name of Product] : Marigold Flower Extract

[Appearance]:  Orange Yellow Fine Powder

[Specification]:   10% -80%

[Active Ingredient]:  Lutein

[Part of Used]: Flower


[CAS-No]:  127-40-2

[ Molecular formula ]: C72H116O4

[ Molecular Weight ]:   568.85

[Test Method]:HPLC


[Introduction ]:  Marigold is an annual herb. Origin in Mexico, currently in China's Heilongjiang, Jilin, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Yunnan and other places have large-scale cultivation. We produce all raw materials used in marigold planting base from Yunnan. Endemic soil and light conditions, making Marigold with fast growth, long flowering period, high yield and good quality, ensure a steady supply of raw materials, production of high yield, low production costs. Xanthophyll is a natural part of human diet when fruits and vegetables are consumed. For individuals lacking sufficient lutein intake, lutein-fortified foods are available, or in the case of elderly people with a poorly absorbing digestive system, a sublingual spray is available. As early as 1996, lutein has been incorporated into dietary supplements. While no recommended daily allowance currently exists for lutein as for other nutrients, positive effects have been seen at dietary intake levels of 610 mg/day.


1.Lutein as skin cancer inhibitor and care skin.

2.Lutein as inhibitor of LDL cholesterol Oxidizing.

3.Lutein as inhibitor of tumor and cancer.

4.Lutein and its oxidative metabolites in chemoprevention of cancer.

5.Lutein as inhibitor of blood-vessel clogging.

6.Lutein delays lung aging.Lutein as inhibitor of arthritis.

7.Lutein as AMD inhibitor,Cataract inhibitor,and eyes benefitor.