• Magnesium Lactate

Magnesium Lactate


Magnesium lactate is mainly obtained from the reaction of lactic acid and magnesium oxide, the main content is magnesium oxide, the proportion of magnesium oxide added 30% to 50%. Magnesium lactate is widely used in food, beverage, dairy products, flour, nutritional liquid and pharmaceuticals, etc. Magnesium lactate is a kind of magnesium organic fortification with excellent performance and relatively economic, widely added in various foods to supplement the magnesium deficiency in foods, which has significant effect on preventing various magnesium deficiency and enhancing life vitality.

Item Specification Test result
Physical Contro
Appearance White powder Conforms
Odor Characteristic Conforms
Taste Characteristic Conforms
Purity 99% Conforms
Loss on Drying ≤5.0% Conforms
Ash ≤5.0% Conforms
Particle size 95% pass 80 mesh Conforms
Allergens None Conforms
Chemical Control
Heavy metals NMT 10ppm Conforms
Arsenic NMT 2ppm Conforms
Lead NMT 2ppm Conforms
Cadmium NMT 2ppm Conforms
Mercury NMT 2ppm Conforms
GMO Status GMO Free Conforms
Microbiological Control
Total Plate Count 10,000cfu/g Max Conforms
Yeast & Mold 1,000cfu/g Max Conforms
E.Coli Negative Negative
Salmonella Negative Negative