• Loquat Leaf Extract

Loquat Leaf Extract


Loquat Leaf Extract is present in a natural plant triterpenoids, have a variety of biological effects of sedation,anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-diabetic, anti-ulcer, lower blood sugar. 2011 found that it has anti-carcinogenic,anti-tumor promoters, induced F9 teratoma cells and anti-angiogenesis effect.And Ming Wusuo ursolic acid, ursolic acid, is triterpenoids. In addition, ursolic acid has significant antioxidant function.

1. Loquat Leaf Extract has the function of falling hematic fat and resist arteriosclerosis

2. Loquat Leaf Extract has the function of falling blood sugar

3. Loquat Leaf Extract has the function of resistance to liver damage

4. Loquat Leaf Extract has the influence of the body's immune function

5. Loquat Leaf Extract has the anti-inflammatory effect