• Lily Extract

Lily Extract


Lily is a traditional and precious food in China. Lily powder is dried fleshy bulbous starch of lily. Lily powder is processed and extracted from wild or artificially cultivated lily bulbs. Its underground bulbs contain more than 70% starch; it has high nutritional value and is rich in vitamin B1. B2, C and other ingredients, also contains amino acids, lily glycoside B, etc. These ingredients have a comprehensive effect on the human body, not only have good nutritional nourishing power.

1.anti-oxidant effects.

2.anti-inflammatory effects, yet it does not irritate the stomach as do many Cox-2 inhibitors.

3.anti-dyspepsia effects;

4.anti-platelet effects;

5.anti-viral effects;

6.anti-fungal effects;

7.anti-bacterial effects (inhibits Helicobacter Pylori);

8.General effects:

9.anti-oxidant effects.