• Lettuce Extract

Lettuce Extract


Wild Lettuce Extract Powder comes from the leaves, sap and seeds of Lactuca virosa, a wild leafy plant. People self-prescribe, Wild Lettuce Extract Powder as a  aid for everything from asthma, coughs, joint pain and, importantly, insomnia. Wild Lettuce Extract Powder has not been proven by the Food and  Administration, but that didn't stop popular.

1. It has the function of arthritis, rheumatism and skin disease or wound healing;

2. It has the function of muscle and joint pain, neuralgia, lumbar muscle strain, muscle rheumatism, arthritis;

3. It has the function of clearing heat and diuretic, expectorant, sedative and analgestic;

4. It has the function of acute conjunctivitis, bronchitis, gastritis, enteritis and urinary stones;

5. It has the function of bruises, sore swelling.