• L-Arginine





Product  Name  L-Arginine
Appearance  white crystal powder
CAS 74-79-3
MF  C6H15N4O2 
Type  Amino Acids
Purity  99%min
Test Items Limit Result
Appearance White or almost white crystalline powder or colorless crystals Conform
Identification as per USP29 Conform
Specific rotation +26.3°to +27.7° +27.5°
Loss on drying not more than 0.5% 0.11%
Residue on ignition not more than 0.3% 0.04%
Chloride not more than 0.05% <0.05%
Sulfate not more than 0.03% <0.03%
Iron not more than 0.003% <0.003%
Heavy metals not more than 0.0015% <0.0015%
Chromatographic purity as per USP29 Conform
Organic volatile impurities as per USP29 Conform
Assay 98. 5% to 101. 5% 99.76%
Conclusion: The products conform to USP29 standard.
Storage:Preserve in well-closed containers and protected from light