• L-Alanine



What is L - alanine?

L-Alanine colorless to white crystalline powder, soluble in water, ethanol, insoluble in ether and acetone. Mainly used for biochemical research, tissue culture, liver function measurement, flavor enhancer, can increase the flavoring effect of seasoning, can also be used as sour taste correcting agent to improve the acidity of organic acid.
Function of L - alanine
L-alanine 56-41-7 Can improve the nutritional value of food, in all kinds of food and beverages, such as: bread, water ice point, fruit tea, milk, soda, sorbet, and so on.Add 0.1 ~ 1% of alanine can obviously improve the utilization rate of the protein in food and beverage, and because the alanine has the characteristics of can be absorbed by the cells directly, therefore, after drinking can quickly restore fatigue, refreshing.
Application of L - alanine
Artificial sweeteners to improve the sense of taste, can make the sweetness efficiency, reduce the dosage.In compound with sweet mei agent of 1 ~ 10% of alanine, can improve the sweetness, sweet, soft as natural sweet mei agent, and can improve the taste. Alanine or synthetic high sweetness, sweet, Alitame, L-alanine 56-41-7 propylene ammonia amide, 600 times of sucrose sweetness) one of the raw material. Biochemical research.Tissue culture.Determination of liver function.
Product Name L-Alanine
Appearance White crystalline powder
purity 99%
Grade Food Grade
CAS 56-41-7
EINECS No 200-273-8
Shelf Time 2 year
Appearance While crystal or crystalline powder
Assay, % 98.5-101.5
Identification Per USP
Organic volatile impurities Per USP
pH Value 5.5-7.0
Specific optical rotation[a] D20 -1.4
Loss on drying % 0.2 max
Residue on ignition, % 0.15 max
Chloricle(Cl), % 0.05 max
Sulfate(S04), % 0.03 max
Heavy metals, ppm 15 max
Iron ( Fe), ppm 30 max
Lead, ppm 0.5 max
chromatographic purity Per USP
Total plate count 1000 max
Yeast & mold 100 max
E.coil, cfu/g Negative
Coli forms/10g, cfu/g Negative
Sa!monella/375g, cfu/g Negative
staphylococcus aureus/25g, cfu/g Negative