• Houttuynia cordata extract

Houttuynia Cordata Extract


Houttuynia perennial herb, 15-50cm high, with odor. The lower part of the stem is volcanic, rooted and erect. Leaves alternate, heart-shaped or broadly ovate, 3-8 cm long, 4-6 cm wide, apex acuminate, entire, pubescent, pubescent on veins, purplish red below; petiole 3-5 cm long; stipules Strip shape, the lower part is combined with the petiole to form a sheath. Spikes born at the top of the stalk, opposite to the leaves, with white petal-like sepals at base; flowers small, sessate, sessately sessate; stamens 3, lower part of filaments sate sate sate; carpel 3 The lower part is conjoined. Capsule ovoid, apex cleft. Flowering period from May to August, fruiting period from July to October. Born in the mountains, ditch, pond, Sichuan or Linxia wetlands.


1.To remove toxic heat, to promote the drainange of pus, and to relieve dysuria. Lung abscess with purulent expectoration, heat in the lung with cough and syspnea, acute dysentery, acture urinary infection, carbuncles and sores;
2.The main antibiotic ingredients is decanoyl acetaldehyde (an essential oil);
3.The essential oil of yu xing cao can inhibit HIV-1 (AIDS-virus) in vitro;
4.Its potassium salt and can enhance the function of capillaries, and can improve blood flow and promote urination.