• Hedyotis Diffusa Extract

Hedyotis Diffusa Extract


Spreading Hedyotis Herb Extract is Herb of Hedyotis diffusa Willd, with clearing heat, detoxifying and dampening properties.Main lung heat asthma cough;Sore throat;Intestinal carbuncle;Furuncle sore;Hot shower astringent pain;Edema;Inflammatory bowel disease.It is used for sore furuncle swelling and poison, damp-heat jaundice, bad urination and so on.External treatment for boils and carbuncle sore, snake bite.

1).Hedyotis Diffusa P.E. could be used for treatment of digestive tract and lymphosy- stem cancers.
2).Hedyotis Diffusa P.E. was effective against acute lymphocyte, granuloyte, mononucleoyte and chronic granulocyte leukemia cancer
3).Hedyotis Diffusa P.E. can anti-bacteria and Anti-inflammation effect.