• Gromwell Extract

Gromwell Extract


Natural gromwell root,sweet and salty in flavour, cold in nature,gromwell root extract acts on the heart and liver channels.The herb is mainly effective in the heart, liver and blood. Its sweet and cold properties clear away heat and moisturize dryness. The effects of the herb include removing blood˜heat, promoting blood circulation, and loosening the bowel. Gromwell root extract shikonin is used for the syndromes eruption, measles with subcutaneous dark purple rashes, swollen throat, and suppurative infections on body surface, particularly for the patients who are complicated by constipation.

1. Antibacteerial,antiviral activity,cardiovascular system

2. .Anti-fertility effect;Antipyretic effect;

3. Anti-tumor effects;

4. Stop bleeding,promote coagulation

5. Effects on the gastrointestinal smooth muscle;

6. .Hypoglycemic effect; 7.Liver Protection; 8.Anti-allergy effect