• Gentiana Root Extract Powder

Gentiana Root Extract Powder


Gentian Root Extract Powder  is mainly distributed in northern of China. Gentian Root Extract Powder is coming from gentian scabra root and rhizomes. This powder is an excellent bitter and cold nature. It can stimulate the appetite and digestion and can remove heat in liver and satisfy the stomach.

1.Gentian root extract has been used for loss of appetite and stomach upset (indigestion)
2.Gentian root extract is an effective tonic usually administered for insufficiency of qi and blood due to impairment of the heart and spleen resulting from overstrain, manifested as palpitation, amnesia and insomnia.
3.Gentian root extract is effective to red eyes and dizziness, swollen or deaf ears, bitter mouth and body side ache, throat swelling and pain and so on.