• Gallnut Extract

Gallnut Extract


Chinese Gallnut Extract, also referred to as Chinese gall (or nutgalls), is a plant excretion produced when irritants are released by the larvae of gall insects, such as those of the Cynipidae family, the gall wasps. A major commercial source of medicinal gallnuts is oak trees, which yield the Chinese herb moshizi, but a similar material is found on Chinese sumac (Rhus species), produced by the activities of a type of aphid; these galls are called wubeizi by Chinese herbalists. The plant secretes the liquid gall, comprised mainly of tannins, that hardens to become the "nut."

Odor Characteristic Complies
Description Brown yellow powder Complies
Mesh Size 100mesh 98%
Sulphated Ash Max5.0% 3.65%
Loss on Drying Max 5.0% 3.45%
Bulk Density 65-75g/100ml 68g/100ml
Test method UV
Assay Gallic acid, Ellagic acid,Tannic Acid
Heavy Metal Max 20ppm 6.1ppm
Pb Max 2ppm 0.6ppm
As Max 2ppm 0.55ppm
Hg Max 2ppm 0.35ppm
Cr Max 2ppm 0.30ppm
Residue on Menstruum Max 50ppm methanol/acetone Negative
Residue of Pesticide Max 2ppm Negative
Total Plate Count Max 10000cfu/g 9600
Yeast&Mold Max 300cfu/g 270
E.coil Negative Complies
Salmonella Negative Complies
Specification 10:1