• Cynomorium Extract

Cynomorium Extract


Cynomorium,which is also called suoyang is parasitic on the roots of white thorn. Nitraria Born Chinese and western Gobi desert areas. Unlike the process of reproduction Cynomorium plants, humans and animals are very similar.Cynomorium grows in dry, rocky or sandy soils, often in salt marshes or other saline habitats close to the coast. It has had a wide variety of uses in European,Arabic and Chinese herbal medicine. Our Cynomorium Coccineum Extract is derived from this natural herb , however the active ingredients is several times higher than the original plants.


1.  Songaria Cynomorium Extract have the function of increasing the endocrine 

and humoral immune, it can tonify kidney. 

2.SongariaCynomorium has the function of relaxing bowels. With its inorganicions , 

it can promote intestinal peristalsis apparently .

3. Cynomorium Songaricum have the function of improving the lipid peroxide

 enzymes and scavenging free radicals,it can help anti-aging.

4. Songaria Cynomorium Extract  have the function of hypoxia, anti-stress, 

anti-inflammatory, and anti-tumor.

5.Songaria Cynomorium have two ways adjustment to glucocorticoid.