• Corn Silk Extract

Corn Silk Extract


 Name:Corn Silk Extract
Active Ingredient:Polysacharides
Specification:10:1 20:1
Appearance:Brown Powder
Used Part:Corn Silk
Test Method:TLC


1.Corn on the person or rabbits have a diuretic effect, can increase the amount of  chloride discharge, but are less effective.

2.A at low concentrations on the role of peripheral blood vessels to expand.

3.The fermentation of corn to be agents of the rabbits have a very significant  reduction in blood sugar.

4.Can be used as choleretic drug for uncomplicated chronic cholecystitis, cholangitis in patients with bile discharge barriers.

5.Of sweet corn to be short and flat, portal triad, kidney, bladder through, with diuretic swelling, Pinggan gallbladder function, indication of acute and chronic   nephritis, edema.