• Celandine Extract

Celandine Extract


Chelidonium majus commonly known as the greater celandine or tetterwort is the only species in the genus Chelidonium, family Papaveraceae. The lesser celandine is not closely related, but its family, the Ranunculaceae, is allied to the Papaveraceae. The greater celandine is native to Europe and the Mediterranean basin. Celandine is also widespread in North America. Greater celandine has an erect habit, and may reach 30 to 120 cm high. The leaves are deeply divided, 30-cm long, and crenate. The sap is bright opaque yellow. The flowers comprise four yellow petals, each about 1 cm long, with two sepals. The flowers appear from May to July. The seeds are small and black, and possess an elaiosome, which attracts ants to disperse the seeds .

1. Celandine extract can inhibitory to fungi, bacteria and viruses.

2. Celandine extract has effect on heat-clearing and detoxifying.

3. Celandine extract has function of antibacterial anti-inflammatory.

4. Celandine extract is used for treatment of gastrointestinal colic, duodenal ulcers, renal colic and dysmenorrhea.

5. Celandine extract has positive analgesic effect,so it can be used in treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, trauma and cancer pain.