• Blood Orange Extract

Blood Orange Extract


Blood orange is a variation of orange, with deep red ShiXie color pulp and juice.This kind of fruit is unusually orange and small;Skin is usually have small pits, but also can be smooth.Blood orange first appeared in Europe in 1850 and fresh blood orange is red or orange, with bright red stripes, sweet and juicy, a fragrant aroma, there are several varieties is slightly oval, blood orange mostly without nuclear weapons, the main planting in Spain, Italy and North America.In China, the leading producer of blood orange is a "township of the China blood orange" zizhong county of sichuan province, other regions also have a small amount of distribution.

1. Promoting blood circulation to improve anemia blood good;

2. Promote the blood circulation of the best essential oil, effectively improve the body's anemia;

3. Can warm blood, improve the hands and feet cold;

4. To improve color of skin, promote skin cell regeneration, and the fragrance of fresh; 5. Can thinking and emotional.