• Bergamot Extract

Bergamot Extract


Bergamot is also called bergamot (C. m. Var. Sarcodactylis), nine claw wood, fingers orange, etc. for Rutaceae small evergreen tree. Bergamot is mainly produced in Fujian and Guangdong, Sichuan, Zhejiang and other provinces, including Zhejiang Jinhua Bergamot most famous. Each carpel separation fruit when ripe, the fruit form an elongated curved petals, like a finger, named bergamot.


1.Bergamot Extract Powder can Expeling Wind and wet, the main water valley dysentery, just ejaculation.

2.Bergamot Extract Powder can After primary treatment body weak, shortness of breath heart palpitations.

3.Bergamot Extract Powder can Treatment of fatigue eat less, throat thirsty, and rheumatism lumbar and leg pain.

4.Bergamot Extract Powder can Treatment of limb heartless joint flexion and extension negative,frostbite and other symptoms.