• Beet Root Powder

Beet Root Powder


Beet red pigment is a natural food additive and pigment because of its bright color, non-toxicity, coloring and color protection. It can be used not only to improve the color of food, but also to be widely used in the fields of health, daily chemical products, cosmetics and printing and dyeing industries.


1. In terms of healthcare supplementbeet red pigment has anti-oxidant, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and other health care effects.


2. In cosmetics and dyes, beetin has a good coloring function, which can be used in some cosmetic additives such as blush, lipstick, hair dye, etc. This natural pigment has natural non-toxic characteristics and is very suitable for some sensitive Sexual skin greatly reduces the phenomenon of cosmetic allergies, and betaine has a good anti-oxidation effect in vitro, can resist aging, and has great development potential for the production of anti-aging cosmetics. At the same time, it can be used as a dye. For example, it is applied to wool dyeing. After dyeing wool under low temperature and strong acidic conditions, it can not only improve the quality of wool, but also improve the color of wool. In addition, an antioxidant coating was prepared using beet red pigment and citric acid for practical use.


3. In terms of food additive, the color of food is also an important indicator of sensory evaluation of food. Because of its bright color, natural non-toxicity and good coloring function, beetin is often used for coloring foods such as juice, ice cream and sausage. And beetin also has strong anti-oxidation and free radical scavenging functions. For example, in the study of nitrite in the treatment of sausage by betelin and chitosan, it is found that although the moisture retention capacity of chitosan is relatively strong, it is removed. The ability of nitrite is relatively weak, and betaine has a good ability to remove nitrite. Therefore, in the process of sausage production, it is recommended to increase the amount of betaine and reduce the amount of chitosan. Betatin can be used as a coloring agent for sausages and as a scavenger for nitrites.