• Apocynum Extract

Apocynum Extract


The Apocynum venetum Leaf P.E is collected in summer,removed from foreign matter, and dried. The product is concentrated and extracted from Apocynum of Oleander plants. Apocynum root has cardiac glycosides ,such as the West Ma glycosides and drug Mao Xuan Hanako glycosides, can ease heart failure and the edema elimination. It containes pilocarpine,
Jue, and other components, with the functions of expectorant, cough, asthma,flu revention and treatment, antitussive,reducing blood pressure,hypolipidemic,anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic etc.

1. Apocynum extract can lower blood pressure and lipid.

2. Apocynum extract can increase the flow of coronary artery, promote the cariovasular circlulation.

3. Apocynum extract can strengthen immunity system, to prevent cold and cough.

4. Apocynum extract have function on diuretic action.

5. Apocynum extract has function of spelenic organ.

6. Apocynum extract can slow the effects of ageing.

7. Apocynum extract can strengthen the function of heart.