• Amyloglucosidase Enzyme

Amyloglucosidase Enzyme


Amyloglucosidase, also known as glucoamylase, is a conventional name, scientific name is α-1, 4-glucan glucohydrolace, which is widely used in alcohol, starch, sugar, monosodium glutamate, antibiotics, citric acid, beer and other industries as well as liquor and yellow rice wine The saccharase was extracted from Aspergillus Niger by deep fermentation.It is widely used in alcohol,monosodium glutamate, sugar making, brewing, antibiotics and other industries.

1. Alcohol industry: cook the raw materials at medium temperature, cool to 58-60℃, add glucoamylase, the recommended dosage is 80-200μ/g raw materials. Keep the temperature for 30-60 minutes, then cool to 30 degrees for fermentation.

2. Starch industry: liquefy raw materials, adjust the pH to 4.2-4.5, cool to 5860, add glucoamylase, and the recommended dosage is 100-300μ/g raw materials. Maintain temperature for 24-48 hours.

3. Beer industry: When producing dry beer, adding glucoamylase before fermentation can strengthen the fermentation capacity.


4. Winemaking industry: In the production of wine and rice wine, using glucoamylase instead of wine yeast can make more final products. It is widely used in the vinegar industry. 5. Others: when used in the monosodium glutamate and antibiotic industries, the starch is liquefied and cooled to 60, the PH value is adjusted to 4.2-4.5, and glucoamylase is added. The recommended dosage is 100-300μ/g of raw material.