• Acacetin



1. Acacetin has the function of Antiwrinke.

2. Acacetin can be used as cosmetic material, such as perfume, lotion and cream.
3. Acacetin has effect on antimetastasis in human prostate cancer.


1. Applied in food field, soyasaponin,kaikasaponin,and quercetin can be used in foods and health products,to lower blood pressure and blood-fat;

2. Applied in pharmaceutical field, soyasaponin,kaikasaponin,and quercetin is widely used in biopharmaceuticals and API of cardiovascular system agents in China;

3. Applied in cosmetics field, the phytoestrogen effect of soyasaponin, kaikasaponin,and quercetin can relieve symptom caused by decrease in estrogen level and aging, such as mastoptosis, crinkle,decrease in skin vitality and leukotrichia. Hence, it is frequently used in breast cream, eye cream and skin cream.